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The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology(NCNST) of China is co-founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Ministry of Education . It is a subsidiary non-profit organization of CAS which enjoys full financial allocations with a status of independent non-profit legal entity.

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Tuning the Supramolecular Chirality of Polyaniline by Methyl Substitution

The formation of structures that have a controlled helicity continues to be a challenging area in the field of polymer and supramolecular chemistry. We report a series of helical copolyaniline nanofibers of formed by copolymerization of aniline with m-toluidine or o-toluidine, respectively. The helicity of the PANI nanofibers was induced by a chiral D-CSA dopant in the polymerization process, but could be inverted by copolymerization with m-toluidine. Copolymerization with o-toluidine resulted in a helicity similar to that of PANI. Theoretical simulations revealed that the steric hindrance of the methyl group at the meta- position of the phenyl ring played a dominant role in the helical inversion. It is of great importance that upon simply introducing a methyl substituent at the meta- position of the phenyl ring, helical inversions are observed not only for the copolymer conformation but also for their aggregated nanofibers, which provides a subtle method of tuning the induced supramolecular chirality.

Schematic representation of supramolecular chirality tuning by methyl substitution.

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