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The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology(NCNST) of China is co-founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Ministry of Education . It is a subsidiary non-profit organization of CAS which enjoys full financial allocations with a status of independent non-profit legal entity.


Physical Property Measurement System

Physical Property Measurement System

The Quantum Design PPMS represents a unique concept in laboratory equipment: an open architecture, variable temperature-field system, designed to perform a variety of automated measurements. Use the PPMS with options designed for it or easily adapt it to your own experiments. Sample environment controls include fields up to ± 9 Tesla and temperature range of 1.9 - 400 K. Its advanced expandable design combines many features in one instrument to make the PPMS the most versatile system of its kind.

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AC Transport (AC Resistivity, Hall Coefficient, I-V Curve, Critical Current)

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Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)

Torque Magnetometer

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