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Controllable N-Doping in Graphene

Prof. Jian Ru Gong's group at National Center for Nanoscience and Technology has now demonstrated an efficient way to introduce negative doping by nitrogen incorporation in a controllable fashion, and the research paper titled by "Controllable N-Doping in Graphene" was published in Nano Lett. 2010, 10, 4975–4980.

Graphene has extraordinary electronic properties, however, most electronic applications are handicapped by the absence of a bandgap in this intrinsic material. It is relatively easy to introduce extra holes in graphene, while doping with electrons is rather difficult.Doping graphene with negative carriers was efficiently achieved through irradiation and annealing in ammonia by Gong group. Irradiation with N+ ions was used to introduce defects in the graphene plane in terms of carbon vacancies. Subsequent annealing in NH3 allowed filling those vacancies with N atoms. The doping concentration can be controlled by tuning the conditions of irradiation and annealing and N atoms can be replaced by other dopant atoms. Therefore, the approach is an effective and universal method for graphene doping, and is also compatible with current complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) processing.

The research was financially supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Basic Research Program of China from Ministry of Science and Technology, and National Natural Science Foundation of China.

                                           a                 b               c

(a)   Scheme of graphene field-effect transistor; (b) The Gsd-Vgcurve of intrinsic graphene; (c) The Gsd-Vg curve of N-doped graphene.The data from (b) to (c) indicate the conversion from p-type to n-type graphene.

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