• 7th Nano Today Conference


    The 7th Nano Today Conference is organised by the Nano Today journal, the GBA National Institute for Nanotechnology Innovation (CanNano), the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China (NCNST), and Elsevier, the 7th Nano Today Conference (Nano Today 2021) seeks to bring together researchers interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology. This conference is chaired by Nano Today Editor-in-Chief Professor Yuliang Zhao, this internationa...

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  • Innovative projects awarded in Guangzhou


    A total of six projects and six high-tech companies won prizes at the sixth Nano Star innovation and entrepreneurship competition on Monday in Guangzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangdong province.As well as authorities including the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong, the Guangzhou science and technology bureau and the administrative committee of Guangzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

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  • China Focus: Using DNA origami to build nanodevices


    BEIJING, Sept. 17 (Xinhua)- - Chinese researchers have been exploring ways of using DNA origami to build structures that can be engineered to intricate nanodevices.Because DNA bases will naturally seek out their counterpart, all a scientist needs to do is design a blueprint for a DNA origami structure.It mainly involves a long, single strand of DNA called a scaffold and multiple tiny pieces of DNA called staple strands.DNA origami enables scie...

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