Since the establishment of NCNST, it has actively participated in domestic and international collaboration. At the same time, NCNST has been committed to promoting international collaboration and exchange in the field of nanoscience and technology between China and abroad.

In domestic collaboration, NCNST has established long-term and stable collaboration with Institute of Physics of CAS, Institute of Chemistry of CAS, Institute of High Energy Physics of CAS, Peking University, Tsinghua University and etc.

In the area of international collaboration, NCNST has made substantial collaboration with many research institutes from countries like Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Japan and so on.

NCNST has actively participated in joint-graduate-training program with Demark and Saudi Arabia, and received overseas students sponsored by TWAS fellowship and other forms of scholarship, which promote the internationalization of talented people. 

In order to promote collaboration with foreign counties, NCNST host 5-6 bilateral or multilateral international conferences annually. With deepening of international collaboration and exchange, NCNST has gradually made influence in the field nanoscience both in China and around the world, it also strive to make its own contribution to promote the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of nanoscience and technology in China.



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