Address from the Director


Pines and cypresses have to strike a firm root before they can flourish. Rivers and streams have to possess a fully dredged source before they can flow unceasingly far. Founded in 2003, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology has become a world-famous research institution from an unknown new organization.

I wish to take this opportunity, on behalf of all personnel to say thank you to all members of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, leaders of Chinas Science Academy, Peking University and Tsinghua University and cooperators of all international and national universities and research institutions for your support and contribution to the establishment and development of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology. I also wish to show my reverence to pioneers who have made historical commitments to the construction and progress of it. As one of the sources of high-tech innovation, nanotechnology is the strategic and emerging area of technological innovation initiative. In the wake of information technology, artificial intelligence, quantum technology (telecommunications, computing), new energy, chemical catalyst, green manufacture, comprehensive health, new medicine, brain-like science, deep blue, deep sea, deep space and so on, nanotechnology has underpinned these areas. How to employ nanotechnology to enhance innovation in all efforts to drive the economy has become the major challenge we are facing. As such, we should do justice to our mission, and will have a long hard way to go.

The scientific community is confronted with an unprecedented evolution. The reform of estimation of talents, projects and achievements has been launched, and Chinas science is moving towards the qualified output. Although we always need to work from 12, 23, 1100 or 1001000, the breakthrough of 01 will be more previous, without which we will be far away from independent innovation, let alone innovation nation.

The social climate to prepare talent pool is also undergoing profound changes. How can we encourage the talent mobility with the stability of core human resource? How can we build up the empowering environment without negligent performance? How can we inspire human creativity with high-class purchase of materialism and spirituality? It is down to each of us to meet these far-reaching changes and challenges. We need to strive in unison to make for the advancement of nanotechnology. 

The god will return those who are diligent. We believe that we will get our return via commitments. 

We hope to join hands to work with all in the nanotechnology circle in China to meet challenges, realize common growth and build receptive future. National Center for Nanoscience and Technology will be built into:

The avant-garde of the national nanotechnology innovation;

The base of transformation nanotechnology innovation;

The cradle of talent pool of nanotechnology innovation.



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