• Special Issue: Advanced Materials Research at NCNST


    The special issue in Advanced Materials published on 06 November 2019 , highlights current research areas of interest at NCNST in fields like characterization and simulation , materials and devices , energy and catalysis , and biology and medicine .

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  • Chinese researchers head the field in nanoscience


    China has become a global powerhouse in nanoscience research and will continue to collaborate with other countries to maximize its potential, especially in sectors such as chemical engineering, biomedicine and electronics. Green nanoprinting technologies and effective catalysts for industrial applications and carbon dioxide reduction. " The Chinese government has identified technological innovation as one of the key drivers for economic develo...

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  • China focus: China aims high in nanotechnology


    BEIJING , Aug . 29 ( Xinhua ) - - China has become a nanotechnology powerhouse , according to a report released at the 7th International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology ( ChinaNANO.CAS will foster more young scientists who can innovate , accelerate the building of value chains , and foster broad and efficient international collaboration , Bai said ." Through our joint efforts , we expect to apply nanotechnology to various sectors that...

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