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Seminar:13:00 November 13 (Wednesday), 2nd floor conference room of South Building

Title: Large-Area Molecular Thermoelectrics

Time: 13:00, November 13

Venue: Conference Room  (2nd floor, South Building)

Speaker: Prof. Hyo Jae Yoon from Korea University


Biography of Hyo Jae Yoon

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry, Korea University,

RM 307, Asan Science Building, Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82-2-3290-3149, E-mail: hyoon@korea.ac.kr

2005, Sogang University (B.S. in Chemistry)

2010, Northwestern University (Ph.D in Materials Chemistry)

2010-2014, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

2014-present, Assistant, Associate Professor at Korea University

Abstract: An important goal in the field of organic thermoelectrics is to relate thermoelectric performance of devices to the chemical and electronic structures of active organic components inside the devices on a molecular scale. Molecular-level thermoelectric studies with electrode-molecule-electrode junctions can help to achieve this goal. This presentation describes a new, efficient approach for large-area thermoelectric characterization of self-assembled monolayers using eutectic Ga-In (EGaIn) alloy. A cone-shaped EGaIn microelectrode permits access to noninvasive and reversible thermoelectric top-contacts over delicate organic surface of monolayers in ambient conditions. With this large-area thermoelectric measurement platform, we investigate thermoelectric characteristics of molecular junctions, varying one component in junction while keeping others constant. Such a physical-organic approach enables us to draw interesting and statistically meaningful inferences on structure-thermopower relationships. 


Figure: Schematic describing liquid metal (EGaIn)-based large-area junctions to measure thermoelectric voltage of ensemble of molecules                     

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