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The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology(NCNST) of China is co-founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Ministry of Education . It is a subsidiary non-profit organization of CAS which enjoys full financial allocations with a status of independent non-profit legal entity.

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ChinaNANO 2009 was held in Beijing

ChinaNANO 2009 was held at Beijing International Convention Center from September 1 to 3. This is the third time for the conference be sponsored by the National Steering Committee for Nanotechnology and organized by National Center for Nanoscience and Technology(NCNST) of China after ChinaNANO 2005 and ChinaNANO 2007. Prof. Bai Chunli, Executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deputy Director of the National Steering Committee for Nanotechnology served as the chair of the conference. ChinaNANO 2009 was also supported by Ministry of Education of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Association for Science and Technology of China etc.

The conference aimed at promoting the discussion and communication on the forefront research in nanoscience and technology, improving the overall research level and creativity in China, and fostering the cooperation between domestic and international nano-communities. During the conference, participants around the world conducted extensive scholarly exchange on the following 8 topics: Nano-information materials, Nano-energy and environmental materials, Nanodevices and sensors, Nanomedicine, nanopharmacy and biomedical engineering, Nanofabrication and nanometrology, Characterization of nanostructures, Nano-optics and plasmonics, Modeling and simulation of nanostructures. More that 1300 abstracts were received by the conference. Over 1500 registered representatives attended the conference, among which 500 are from abroad nearly 40 countries including the USA, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherland, Poland, India, Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Brazil, Tailand etc.

7 leading scientists in nano-community were invited to give plenary talks, including Prof. Horst Hahn from Research Center Karlsruhe, Germany, Prof. Paul Weiss from University of California, USA, Prof. Akihisa Inoue from Tohoku University, Japan, Prof. Flemming Besenbacher from University of Aarhus, Denmark, Prof. Hiroyuki Sakaki from University of Tokyo, Japan, Prof. Hongjie Dai from Stanford Univeristy, USA and Prof. Mauro Ferrari from Texas University, USA. Meanwhile, 68 scientists from countries such as the USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and Switherland were invited to give presentations on the sub-conferences.

Prof. Han Qide (Vice president of the National People’s Congress, President of  China Association for Science and Technology), Prof. Cao Jianlin (Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of China), Prof. Zhou Qifeng (President of Peking Univeristy) attended the opening ceremony and also made remarks. Prof. Lu Yongxiang (Vice president of the National People’s Congress, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) sent a congratulation letter wishing a total success of the conference. Ministry of Education of China and National Natural Science Foundation of China also sent congratulation letters to the organizing committee of the conference.

As the biggest China international conference on nanoscience and technology, ChinaNANO not only enhances China’s influence and status in international nano-community and promotes the academic exchanges among it, but also greatly pushes forward the sustainable, heath and rapid development of China’s nanoscience and technology.

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