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The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology(NCNST) of China is co-founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Ministry of Education . It is a subsidiary non-profit organization of CAS which enjoys full financial allocations with a status of independent non-profit legal entity.

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Mesoscopic self-organization of a self-assembled supramolecular rectangle on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite and Au(111) surfaces

Jian-Ru Gong Li-Jun Wan Qun-Hui Yuan Chun-Li Bai Hershel Jude and Peter J. Stang

A self-assembled supramolecular metallacyclic rectangle was investigated with scanning tunneling microscopy on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite and Au(111) surfaces. The rectangles spontaneously adsorb on both surfaces and self-organize into well ordered adlayers. On highly oriented pyrolytic graphite the long edge of the rectangle stands on the surface forming a 2D molecular network. In contrast the face of the rectangle lays flat on the Au(111) surface forming linear chains. Hence the molecular self-organization of the supramolecular metallacyclic rectangle on solid surfaces can be tuned by the appropriate choice of substrate materials. The defined conformation of the molecules with special properties will be significant for the fabrication of surface nanodevices.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2005 102(4) 971-974.

Figure 1. STM image of the rectangle adlayer on HOPG showing the underlying lattice of HOPG in the lower left corner. (Vbias= 758 mV Itip= 684 pA)


Figure 2. STM image of the rectangle adlayer showing the underlying Au(111) lattice in the lower left corner and an individual rectangle is shown in the upper right corner. (Vbias= 50 mV Itip= 1.698 nA)

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