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Introduction ofNCNST

The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology(NCNST) of China is co-founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Ministry of Education . It is a subsidiary non-profit organization of CAS which enjoys full financial allocations with a status of independent non-profit legal entity.

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General Introduction on International Collaborations

National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST), China is committed to stimulating international collaborations and academic exchanges. Since the establishment of NCNST, it has been actively engaged in domestic and international exchanges and collaborations. At the same time, exchanges and cooperation in the field of nanoscience and technology, home and abroad, are also being promoted.

NCNST has established stable long-term collaborations with Institute of Physics of CAS, Institute of Chemistry of CAS, Institute of High Energy Physics of CAS, PKU, Tsinghua University and etc. NCNST also participates actively in organizing domestic academic meetings and seminars, including “Symposium on the Application of Nanotechnology in China, 2004”, “Training Course for the Approval of Nano-technology laboratory”, “Conference for Nano-Devices, Spring 2004”, “National Nano-Materials Product Exposition”, “Nano-Medicine and Biological Devices Symposium”.

In the area of international collaborations and exchanges, NCNST has kept in touch with many countries including Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, United States, Russia, South Korea,Japan and etc.

As the largest-scale nanoscience and technology international conference in China, the biennial conference “China International Nanoscience and Technology Conference” was successfully launched in June 2007 in Beijing after “ChinaNano 2005”. More than 1000 scholars participated in “ChinaNano 2007” including over 400 scholars from abroad. Convening of “ChinaNano 2007” promoted the general research capabilities in nanoscience research in China and stimulated discussions and communications in this fast evolving field. "ChinaNano 2009" is due to convene in September 2009 in Beijing.




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