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A Novel Thermal Stable Spironaphthoxazine and Its Application in Rewritable High Density Optical Data Storage

Wenfang Yuan Lei Sun Huohong TangYongqiang Wen Guiyuan Jiang Wenhao Huang Lei Jiang Yanlin Song* He Tian* Daoben Zhu

A novel spironaphthoxazine SOFC molecule with a stable ring-opened photomerocyanine form by incorporating a ferrocene moiety to the parent spironaphthoxazine has been synthesized. Two-dimensional luminescence images obtained by confocal microscope employing fluorescence as read-out method and three-dimensional high-density recording using two-photon technology of SOFC-PMMA films were displayed.  It is the first example of realization of the practical information storage utilizing spirooxazine derivatives. Considering its inherent reversible photoisomerization and high fatigue resistance SOFC can be suggested as a promising candidate for storage of optical information with an ability of repeated "re-recording".

Adv. Mater. 2005 17(2) 156-160


Scheme 1. Photoisomerizing behavior of spironaphthoxazine (SOFC)


Fluorescence image generated from 365 nm irradiation (5 min) of SOFC-PMMA film through a dot-patterned contact mask. The light regions indicate luminescence and the dark regions are non-luminescent („1¤7ex = 532 nm). The size of one dot is about 4 ¼m.

Recording and readout results for the multilayered optical memory in the SOFC doped PMMA film. The spacing between adjacent layers is 12¼m and the transverse bit separation is 5 ¼m. a) The four layers recorded patterns with letters S O F C (left); b) The cross section view of the Z direction of the recorded four layers cutting from the first recorded line as directed by the arrow (right).

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