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Good Research Publication Forum (Editor Forum)

Nature Nanotechnology session 

Future Scientists Forum

Presentation Guideline

Oral Presentation
The offcial language of the confernece is English. The time allocations for plenary, invited, selected presentations and students in Future Scientists Forum will be 35, 25, 15 and 10 minutes, respectively. Multi-media projector with laptop will be available for presentations. Multi-media presentations should be prepared in Windows compatible format in English. The presentation file should be pre-loaded in the conference computer 10 minute before the session begins.  

Poster Presentation
1. Display board
A display board with 120 cm high by 90 cm wide will be provided for each poster presentation. The poster can be mounted with adhesive bands, which will be provided at the registration site.

2. General Appearance
Poster presentation should include the title, abstract, main text figures and/or tables, diagrams and conclusions. Please include your contact data (names, institute, address, phone, fax, E-mail).Use of color in the poster presentation makes visual communication more effective. Textual and graphic illustrations should be kept simple but effective.

3. Lettering
All poster lettering should be typewritten. Since your poster will be read at distance of a couple of meters, use appropriate size lettering.

4. Set-up and Presentation
Authors or their representative must be in attendance to set-up their display and to present their posters at the session time designated in the scientific program.

The conference will include plenary and parallel sessions that cover major themes  at nano-bio interfaces. The paper presented at the conference will be peer-reviewed  and published at a SCI journal in nanoscience field. Further detail information will be soon available at Nanotoxicology 2012 web site. 


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