Special Committee on Nanotechnology of CNAS

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China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) has set a special committee on Nanotechnology (CNAS/TC/SC14) on April 13, 2004. Third term of CNAS/TC/SC14 was started from March, 2014. The Chairman is Chen Wang, Professor of NCNST. Vice Chairmen are Sishen Xie, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Institute of Physics of CAS, and Sitian Gao, vice president of National Institute of Metrology. The secretariat is located in NCNST. According to the demand in the nanotechnology test and laboratory accreditation CNAS/TC/SC14 has completed comparative tests on Scanning and Transmission Microscopy (SEM/TEM), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Surface Area Tests (BET) methods to measure the diameter and specific surface area of particles in different laboratories.

CNAS/TC/SC14 also hold regular classes on knowledge of Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Management System. In the classes, based on "Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Reference Material Producers" (CNAS-CL04) has discussed measuring consistency in the size and specific surface area measurement of SEM/TEM, DLS and BET. These efforts are for supporting the produce and applying of reference materials in industry and for preparing to carry out laboratory accreditation nationwide.


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