Seminar: 15:30 July 13, Ladder conference room on the third floor of Research Building

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Title: Energy Research & High Impact Publishing in Joule

Time: July 13 15:30

Venue: Ladder conference room on the third floor of Research Building

Host: Prof. Zhiyong Tang



In this talk I will offer a unique insight into the publishing process of a high-impact energy journal. I will first introduce Joule, the new high-impact energy journal from Cell Press, and our Editorial team. Next, I will motivate and demonstrate Joule’s strong interest in serving the energy research community in China. I will then shed light on the life of a scientific editor, the manuscript life cycle, and the peer review process. Finally, I will give additional detail describing editor considerations when evaluating manuscripts and provide advice and provide typical well-written examples to authors from an editor’s point of view.

Speaker: Dr. Yan Duan, Scientific Editor for Joule

Dr. Yan Duan is the Scientific Editor for Joule based in the Elsevier Shanghai office. She received her Bachelor of Engineering in 2016 from the School of Materials Science and Engineering in Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore). She obtained her Ph.D. degree in 2021 from both NTU and Sorbonne University Pierre and Marie Curie Campus (Pairs). Yan is good at handling paper in the field of catalysis for energy, renewable fuels and feedstocks, electrochemical energy storage and conversion. She has experience in heating and cooling, photovoltaics, and other energy such as bioenergy as well.


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