Division of Nanotechnology Development

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The Division of Nanotechnology Development (DND) is the public technology platform at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST). It is a meeting point at nanotechnology for researchers from NCNST and other academia, institutes and industry both at home and abroad. To assist research efforts, the DND provide state-of-art resources by four labs: Nano-Measurement Lab, Nanofabrication Lab, Nano-Biology Lab and Nanosystem Lab.

The DND fully equipped more than 100 sophisticated instrumentation supports researchers from basic research, applied research to industry as far-ranging as: topographic imaging, physical properties measurement, element and component analysis, and structure characterization for nanomaterial; nanodevice fabrication; fabrication and failure analysis for composite material; bio-imaging and biological detection; and theoretical calculation. The DND provides high-quality services in flexible and multi-level service models: one-stop service, 24-hour self-service, joint development services, third part certification and reference material fabrication service.



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