Intelligent Nano-sensing Laboratory

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Intelligent nano-sensing laboratory was founded in August 2019, and is dedicated to the microstructure simulation methods, fabrication and applications of intelligent nano-sensing, microfluidics and frequency control. The objectives are (i) to explore multi-field coupling mechanism, (ii) to improve the NEMS/MEMS process and packaging method of nanodevice, (iii) to develop methods of obtaining, demodulating and identifying weak signals in-situ real time under multi-dimensional and complex environments. The laboratory strives to promote the applications of nano-sensing technology in aerospace, 5G communication, rail transit, artificial intelligence, life science and other fields.

Research field

1. Multi-field coupling mechanism in nanostructure: develop fast and accurate analysis methods and electronic design automation platform of acousto-optic and electromagnetic at nanoscale.

2. Key nanofabrication techniques of intelligent nanosensors: improve N/MEMS processing, packing and measurement techniques of novel nanostructure and nanodevices.

3. Demodulation and identification of nano-sensing signal: develop algorithms of acquisition, demodulation and identification for multi-source nano signals; develop ASIC chips; explore SiP/SoC modules integrated with signal, energy and control.

4. Applications of nano-sensing technology in extreme environments: study on remote wireless and passive nanodevices and demodulation methods in extreme environments, including wide temperature range (-200~1400 oC), radiation, high speed and rotation. 



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