Nanoscale,Nanoscale Horizons and Nanoscale Advances

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Nanoscale is a collaborative venture between RSC Publishing and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology launched in late 2009. It is a high-impact peer reviewed journal publishing experimental and theoretical work across the breadth of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The journal annually published 12 issues from 2009 to 2011, and 24 issues since 2012, including all type of research articles-communication, review articles and research papers.

Since its launch, Nanoscale is dedicated to attract and publish outstanding researches in the nano field and has gained a broad readership. It acquired the first impact factor of 4.1 in 2011. This figure increased to 7.233 in 2018. Nanoscale has quickly established itself as a platform for high-quality community-spanning research. Later, Nanoscale Horizons and Nanoscale Advances journals were created, which bridges the various disciplines involved with nanoscience and nanotechnology, publishing important research from leading international research groups.

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Nanoscale Horizons:!recentarticles&adv.

Nanoscale Advances:!recentarticles&adv.


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